ADS Environmental Services Expands Product Offerings to Industry


Source: ADS Environmental Services

5/4/2005 Monitors, Software and Services now Available to All Flow Monitor Users
Huntsville, AL - ADS Environmental Services, the leader in wastewater flow monitoring and Underground Intelligence, is pleased to announce an expansion of availability for its current hardware and software offerings. Specifically, the Company is now making its full inventory of flow monitoring technology and field services, which include flow monitors, rain gauges, software, web-hosted systems, SSES and other related field services, available for purchase or lease to all users of flow monitoring and flow monitoring data.

“Our decision to make our monitors available to other qualified service providers and to also provide field services to other monitoring companies is a result of talking with and listening to our customers and users over the last 18 months,” states Karl Boone, President and CEO of ADS Corporation. “Repeatedly, we have heard from service providers that they do not like the flow monitoring options available to them and that they would purchase and lease ADS monitors if they were given the opportunity.”

In response to this urging and overwhelming interest from customers and service providers, ADS Environmental Services is now making their full line of products available, for lease or purchase, to the entire industry. The Company expects to announce its first contract signings pertaining to this new offering in the very near future.

Since ADS has always been the primary user of its own monitoring equipment, the monitors have been, and will continue to be, designed with the user in mind. “We are very excited that we can now offer the benefits of ADS monitors and monitoring data to all interested members of our industry,” continues Boone. “In addition to the unique technology, expertise and analysis that ADS offers, our ‘Underground Intelligence’ provides customers with answers to wastewater flow questions that enhance collection system performance.”

ADS was the original developer of the Doppler flow monitoring technology, introducing it in 1975. With over 400 monitors installed in Australia alone, ADS has grown Doppler flow monitoring into a thriving business throughout the world and has been the leader in the industry for over thirty years. ADS has the only Doppler monitors that have been verified by EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV) for accuracy, ensuring its customers that plus or minus 5% accuracy is achievable. Additionally, ADS monitors continue to lead the industry in uptime, durability and reliability.

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