ADS introduces gated cross correlation for closed pipes


Source: ADS Environmental Services

ADS Environmental Services®, a division of ADS® LLC (ADS), announced today the technology to accurately measure depth and velocity in full and partially filled closed pipes. The FlowShark® Pulse utilizes state-of-the-art gated cross correlation velocity technology combined with ultrasonic depth technology for a low-cost, closed pipe monitor with insertion sensor. 

The FlowShark Pulse can measure depths in flow as low as 1.6” and velocity in depths as shallow as 2”. It can be economically used to retrofit pipes that range in size from 6” to 60”. The insertion sensor can be installed in straight runs of pipe upstream and downstream through a 1.5” diameter corp stop and ball valve. In most cases, shutdowns of the forcemain are not required for installations.

Applications for the FlowShark Pulse for Closed Pipes include treatment plant operations, pump stations, inline storage controls, industrial processes, or collection system routing controls. It can interface with SCADA Systems through analog output channels and is well equipped to measure dynamic velocity profiles through its unique profiling velocity sensor.

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