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ADS Introduces Gated Cross Correlation Technology


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New FlowShark Pulse Monitors for Highest Accuracy Requirements

(Huntsville, AL) - ADS® Environmental Services announces the addition of gated cross correlation technology to the FlowShark™ family of versatile and reliable flow monitors. The FlowShark Pulse and Portable FlowShark Pulse are high-performance liquid flow monitors for use in open and closed channels of virtually any shape. Designed for high accuracy requirements such as billing, verification, and process control, these monitors utilize the most advanced velocity measurement available – gated cross correlation with digital pattern protection.

“To the best of our knowledge we offer the only application of cross correlation technology for wastewater measurement in America,” states Karl Boone, President and CEO of ADS LLC. “With this addition to our Doppler and Transit-Time technologies, ADS has the monitoring solution for all monitoring applications. This is one example of how we are working to provide more products and services for our clients.”

Accurate to +/- 1%, the FlowShark Pulse and Portable FlowShark Pulse are ideal for use in unusual or dynamic velocity profiles with no software, laptop, or calibration requirements. These cross correlation monitors are also designed for ease of use. With both permanent and portable models, programming can be done completely on the built-in backlit display and data can be viewed instantly. No software is required for programming and instant data viewing. Readily available software, like Excel can be used to store, work with, and report measurement data. 

The profiling sensors in the FlowShark Pulse and Portable FlowShark Pulse measure average velocity by integrating up to 16 discrete point velocities in every sample. Other features include a two-year warranty, cable runs of up to 820 feet, 30 MB memory card and 8 MB internal memory on the portable model. The FlowShark family of monitors from ADS also includes: FlowShark with dual channel and IS certification; FlowShark HV portable hand-held velocity measurement for PVM applications; and FlowAlert™ - an overflow alarm system.

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