ADS Introduces New Alarming Rain Gauge


Source: ADS Environmental Services

Huntsville, AL (October 4, 2007) ADS® LLC announced today the new ADS RainAlert IITM,
a low-cost wireless rain gauge that alerts operators via text or email messages when rainfall intensity exceeds a critical threshold.

“We are pleased to offer customers this next generation rain gauge,” states Garry Wood, Vice President of Sales for ADS. “The flexible and strategic alarming options tailor it to customer applications and local conditions.”

The RainAlert II Rainfall Gauge is a low cost, easy to use wireless rainfall logging and event notification unit. RainAlert II’s processor calculates rainfall quantities for user-specified intervals using tipping bucket signals and stores this calculation for later retrieval and analyses. The wireless communication platform sends email and text message alerts of rainfall amounts exceeding critical thresholds, automatically notifying system managers that they can expect localized rain induced changes of flow levels in the collection system. 

Field labor and site maintenance are reduced through long battery life and remotely managed diagnostics. Configuration and diagnostics are easily managed using ADS Profile® flow monitoring software. RainAlert II with alarming is ideal for CSO and SSO monitoring, rehabilitation effectiveness monitoring, and sewer capacity studies.

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