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ADS Spider-Q pump station monitoring and alarming


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ADS® LLC today announces the new ADS Spider-Q™, an easy-to-use, place-anywhere volumetric quantification system. Backed by ADS and over 33 years of flow monitoring expertise, the ADS Spider-Q is designed specifically for pump station monitoring and alarming. It features wireless data access, automatic data delivery, influent and effluent flow calculation, alarming, and reporting.

“The technology built into the ADS Spider has just won the WEF Innovative Technology Award for 2008,” states Karl Boone, President of ADS LLC.  “We are very pleased that this high tech simplicity is now available for pump station monitoring.” 

The ADS Spider-Q is a stand-alone, compact, single-box system that requires no user software and operates using a sophisticated Web server built into the monitor. This allows direct communication with most computers regardless of brand or operating system. Just open a browser on any computer and enter the ADS Spider-Q IP address.

The monitoring inputs and control outputs can be remotely programmed to accommodate almost any combination of functionality: on-off notification and control, alarm triggering, rainfall monitoring, water quality sampling, pH measurement, and more. Alarming and reporting functions are completely user-defined and use SMS text messaging, e-mail and synthesized voice. Alarms and reports can be automatically sent to multiple users based on alarming conditions, or a periodic reporting schedule.

The ADS Spider-Q is ideal for pump station alarming and reporting offering simple installation and setup, low power consumption, user configurable inputs, outputs, alarms, and a two-year standard warranty. It is high tech simplicity for pump station monitoring and alarming.

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