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ADSM Announces London Heathrow Terminal 5 Design Project


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Washroom Design for the 21st Century with Environmental Sustainability in Mind

LONDON, UK, 15th February 2005

ADSM (Advanced Demand Side Management) PLC is pleased to announce that it is undertaking the detailed mechanical and electrical design of the washroom facilities in London Heathrow's new Terminal 5 buildings. The company is pleased to be working once again at the airport, to produce a best practice design that incorporates environmental sustainability. The project is scheduled to start immediately.

The detailed design for the new facilities will be for the water, electrical, and ventilation services and every aspect of the solution will be engineered to benefit the environment. ADSM has worked closely with client BAA for the last three years, building a strong reputation for delivering high-quality toilet facilities, on time and within budget.

ADSM provides expert environmental consultancy to companies that wish to reduce water and energy consumption. ADSM has undertaken numerous other energy and water saving projects throughout London's Heathrow and Gatwick airports, producing savings estimated at £2million per annum for BAA.

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