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In October it was announced that ADSM (Advanced Demand Side Management) has been awarded a three-year ‘Framework Contract' by the Government buying agency,, as part of their Watermark work.

The purpose of the contract is to make available to the public sector a comprehensive range of water management services. These include all the technical aspects of water usage analysis against benchmarks; water efficiency planning; installation and main-tenance of water-saving technologies; and on-going water management, across single or multiple sites.

The Framework Contract, which runs until 2007 is a ‘pre-negotiated' contract. This enables organisations that purchase through, to use ADSM without the need to go through a tendering process.

The contract relates to any government department, health authority, local authority, nationalised industry or other public body. Additionally, private sector contractors who are providing a facility or service for a public sector end user are also included.

Water-efficiency projects can be financed directly by the organisation. However the Enhanced Shared Savings Scheme is likely to prove attractive to organisations without immediate capital available. The contractor installs and maintains all equipment and controls required to achieve savings in water consumption.

Funding is provided by the contractor and the subsequent savings are split 50/50 between the contractor and the client for the duration of the contract. Under the contract, the amount that the contractor can claim is capped at a certain level, beyond which the customer retains all the savings.

Win, win, win
ADSM was involved in establishing benchmarks for water usage for different types of buildings and organisations in the public sector as part of the Government's Watermark project. Under the new agreement ADSM will continue to update these benchmarks.

Patrick McCart, ADSM's Managing Director, sees the contract as 'win, win, win and everyone benefits, the customer benefits, we benefit and the environment benefits'  adding 'there are no negatives attached to this business'.

The company has been reorganising its structure and now has a nationwide team of experts conversant with all aspects of water conservation.

Because of the profit motive, only water saving equipment that has a proven track record is selected.

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