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Advanced Multigas FTIR for R&D, Hospital , CEM’s, R&D


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ETG PROTEA is a high resolution, compact FTIR analyser packaged in a 19” rack mountable case. This FTIR uses the latest in interferometer technology to provide a compact and high performance instrument.

With a high resolution (1cm-1), atmosFIR is ideal for gas identification and speciation. It has an in-built “sampling system” – inlet filter, purge valve, cell temperature and pressure control, digital and analogue data exchange.

The system includes PAS-Pro software, designed for continuous automated running of the measurement system. PAS-Pro collects, saves and analyses the FTIR spectra in real-time outputting concentration data via a number of protocols. PAS-Pro uses the same advanced chemometric analysis algorithms as our laboratory software but is designed with a user interface for the plant engineer to easily control the system.

PAS-Pro interacts with Protea’s sampling system control module in order to control sampling system parts, such as pumps and valves, and manage temperature controller alarms.

Applications By Industry
Incineration and Power , Medical , Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Energy Research, Laboratory Research, Ambient Air, Landfill & Biogas, Agriculture & Livestock

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