Advanced Nano Oxidation Technology



Overview of a Futuristic Revolutionary Technology 

The velocity of embracing new waste water treatment solutions is sure to accelerate. With heightened concern in wastewater technologies, it is a stimulating time to be working in this sector. Scientific research enabling and innovative technologies have increased and the rate of adoption to new processes is also expected to increase in the coming years.  It is important to challenge conventional approaches, stereotype methodologies to determine where value can be derived, re-evaluate systems’ efficiency, and move towards innovative ways of doing things, same things but differently. To embrace innovation, you have to embrace change.

Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) are making rapid headway globally as they have successfully demonstrated in degradation of recalcitrant compounds and as a tool to meet increasingly stringent global regulations as well as protecting public health and the environment.

Emerging Technology and Unique 

Advanced Nano Oxidation Process is a further development with application of synergy of reaction to trigger formation of ·OH radicals, without need / dependency on electricity. This process eliminates a wide variety of toxic compounds and microscopic pollutants.

Organic contaminants, pesticides, biocides or medicines are commonly to be found in drinking and waste water. Biological waste water treatments are no longer sufficient to guarantee complete decomposition.

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