Advanced new sound level meter ideal for both occupational and environmental use now available from Casella CEL


Source: Casella

Major investment in groundbreaking software has enabled Casella to launch its CEL-630 Series of exciting new sound level meters that can be effortlessly used in an enormous range of noise monitoring situations in both the environment and/or the workplace.

Although one of the smallest sound level meters on the market, the CEL-630, with its large, high-resolution, colour-coded display screen, is designed to undertake the measurement, display and storage of all noise parameters and ensure compliance with the requirements of noise measurement protocols.

Designed to 'switch on and go', the high-performance instrument features simultaneous data measurement and storage, eliminating the risk of misinterpretation. The latest digital technology gives the meter a single measurement range of up to 140dB, so that no setup adjustment is required when obtaining and viewing different noise parameters. All instruments in the range comply with the latest IEC and ANSI standards for sound level meters.

The CEL-630 has advanced functions such as data markers, a back erase function and timers and is able to log and store the time history of a noise levels. Additional features include:

  • Pre-configured setups for occupational and environmental measurements;
  • Real-time measurement of octave & 1/3 octave bands (model dependent);
  • 1GB memory for more than a year of storage;
  • Casella's insight data management software plug-in can be used to download, manage and report noise data.

A variety of models are available within the CEL-630 range depending on the requirements for either environmental or workplace noise with varying levels of functionality, ensuring a model is available within your budget.

'These sound level meters are extremely quick and easy to use and take sound measurement and data recording one step further,' said Tim Turney, Market Manager for Casella CEL. 'Users of the CEL-630 Series can have complete confidence that the instruments will reliably provide the required information in a huge range of situations.'

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