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Advanced registration deadline approaches for WEF’s residuals and biosolids 2009 conference


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The Water Environment Federation (WEF) will present Residuals and Biosolids Management 2009: Sustainable Biosolids Management from May 3-6, 2009 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Ore. Coordinated by WEF’s Residuals and Biosolids Committee, in cooperation with the NorthWest Biosolids Management Association, the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association, and the Oregon Association of Clean Water Agencies, this 23rd annual conference will address sustainable processing and best management practices for residuals and biosolids.

As urban areas grow in size and population, municipal, industrial, and agricultural facilities are confronted with issues relating to residuals and biosolids management. Increasingly, industrial and agricultural communities are moving towards more stringent regulatory requirements for residuals processing, handling and disposal, including beneficial use options.

This conference will educate stakeholders such as regulators, service providers, end users, and public administrators about current issues, regulatory requirements, and methods for handling, processing, and reusing biosolids in a sustainable manner; provide information about state-of-the-art techniques and technology for process improvements; help attendees determine the sustainability of their biosolids program with regards to land use and climate change; encourage policy makers to use sound technical information in decision making; provide tools for addressing public perceptions and concerns about the practice; and encourage the use and acceptance of effective innovative technologies.

Encouraged to attend are agronomists, soil scientists, farmers, agriculturalists, landscapers, design engineering and construction professionals, municipal wastewater and water treatment system managers, pollution control equipment manufacturers, local, state and federal regulatory agency personnel, industrial water and wastewater treatment professionals, residuals and biosolids generators and appliers, and organic and inorganic residuals managers.

The advanced registration deadline for Residuals and Biosolids Management 2009 is March 18, 2009. For more details, visit the Conferences and Training section of www.wef.org.

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