Advanced TOC-TN analyser improves lab efficiency

An advanced TOC-TN analyser from leading instrumentation company HACH LANGE has helped South West Water to significantly reduce downtime and maintenance costs for its Inorganic Chemistry Lab department.

The lab has been using the IL 550 analyser for the past five months to analyse potable water as well as non-potable (surface water, ground water) and environmental samples such as landfill leachates as a dual application.

Tracy Churchill, Senior Assistant Scientist for South West Water, was part of the evaluation team in charge of choosing a new analyser for total organic carbon analysis. She explained: “We had to replace the existing instrument and ultimately my task was to look at what was available on the market to meet all of our requirements. We needed a versatile, efficient and advanced analyser which led us to the IL 550 from HACH LANGE.

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