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ADVANCEES - 30,000 US GPD (SWRO) Seawater Desalination System ON SALE - Ready for Delivery


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SWRO 30,000 US GPD Desalination System ON SALE - Ready for Delivery

Until sold. -- SWRO 30,000 GPD SYSTEM


 For a quick delivery we offer a containerized 30,000 US GPD SWRO – Seawater Reverse Osmosis System

More Info:  or calling +1 954 857 1895 

Main Features Included: 

ü  Build in a 20’ ISO Container – Sound barrier and R11 thermal insulation.

ü  Air Conditioner 30,000 BTU

ü  Control and Power Panel including: PLC, HMI, VFDs.

ü  Multimedia filters Waterco with Turbidez media 2 x 28”, multiport manual valves

ü  Pressure vessel PV 1000 PSI with side ports 2X4 elements.

ü  Chemical tank with protection level

ü Cyclone filter 

ü  High Pressure RO pump:  

o   FEDCO with TEFC motor 480/380V – 50/60 Hz – 3P

o   Energy recovery device Turbo Charger

ü  Cleaning in Place and flushing system:

o   Goulds 316 pump with TEFC motor

o   Polypropylene tank Gallons

o   Connection and automatic operation

ü  Structural frame:

o   Anodized aluminum marine grade for longer corrosion resistance

ü  Operation:

o   Automatic

o   Alarms protections: all shall be indicated with the HMI display

ü  Low pump suction pressure switch

ü  High pump pressure discharge switch 

ü  Permeate water quality meter

ü  Digital Permeate flow meter

ü  Digital Reject flow meter

ü  Pressure gauges

ü  Feed pump AMPCO

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