Advances in aquifer testing and data collection subject of NGWA Webinar

As part of the 2009 Webinar series offered by the National Ground Water Association, In-Situ Inc.’s Shao-Chih “Ted” Way will present “Pump/Yield Testing Design and Transducer Data Collection” at 11 a.m. ET on April 7.

With advances in sensor and software technology, aquifer tests can now be conducted with greater speed and accuracy, and provide more reliable data—all at a lower cost. These advances also allow drill rig operators to more easily add data delivery services to their current operations.

Aquifer tests include slug tests, yield tests, and pump tests, each with specific purposes. Just a few of the topics covered in this Webinar include:
• The design and operation of these aquifer-testing procedures
• Data analysis methods relating to local/state yield testing requirements
• Equipment needs
• Data transfer
• Hydrogeological analysis.

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