Advances in Carbon Capture Techniques (Technical Insights)

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This research service details the recent advances in the carbon capture sector. It begins with an introduction to the different carbon capture techniques followed by a discussion of their advantages and disadvantages. The value chain networks existing within the domain have been identified folowed by an evaluation of the technologies available for licensing/acquisition. The attractiveness of the different technologies have been assessed using an Opportunity Strategy Evaluation (OSE) grid. Finally, strategic recommendations classifed as intrinsic and extrinsic based on various influencing factors have been provided.

Table Of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Research Scope and Methodology
Research Scope
Research Methodology
Research Overview
Research Snapshot
Key Findings

2. Technology Trends and Opportunities
Technology Trends
Technology Snapshot
Value Chain Networks
Business Opportunities
Technologies Available for Licensing/Acquisition
Pros and Cons of Capture Technologies
Opportunity Strategy Evaluation (OSE)

3. Technology Management Strategies
Intrinsic Strategies
Internal R&D; Contract/External R&D
R&D Strategic Partnerships
Extrinsic Strategies
Mergers and Acquisitions
Joint Ventures
Purchasing and Licensing

4. Appendix; Contacts; and Patents
Opportunity Strategy Evaluation Grid
Opportunity Strategy Evaluation- Quadrants
Key Patents and Contacts
Patents--Applied and Granted
Contacts--Corporate and Universities

5. Decision Support Database
Critical Reference Tables
Total Electricity Installed Capacity--World (2007 to 2017)
Thermal Electricity Installed Capacity--World (2007 to 2017)
Net Electricity Generation--World (2007 to 2017)
Electricity Generation from Coal (2007 to 2017)
Electricity Generation from Oil (2007 to 2017)
Electricity Generation from Natural Gas (2007 to 2017)

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