Advances in photometric analysis


Source: Industrial Test Systems, Inc.

The use of portable field colorimeters has expanded as device electronics have improved.   However, application of colorimetry in new markets has remained static, since there have been no significant advances in the last 20 years to make analysis safer or easier.  The eXact® EZ Advanced Photometric System, granted US Patent #7333194 this month, changes all that. 

The eXact® EZ Advanced Photometric System has new technologies that offer faster, safer, easier, and more precise water testing.  Speed and accuracy are greatly improved because the sample cell/cuvette is built into the meter.  This reduces test time, and since there is no handling of cells, precision is improved, and the aggravation of lost or broken cells is eliminated. 

With the reagent delivery device (eXact® Strip) all the required reagents are impregnated and dried onto filter paper which is then attached to a plastic handle, so reagent handling is minimized.  This innovation allows the simultaneous introduction of reagents that must normally be kept segregated.  For example, Standard Method 4500-Cl-G, free chlorine testing with Diethyl-p-phenylene diamine sulfate (DPD) uses monobasic and dibasic phosphate buffers.  The buffers must be kept separate from the DPD until the test is run.  With eXact® Strip the reagents are segregated, stable, and on a single strip called eXact® Strip DPD-1.

For free chlorine the methodology is as follows:  Fill the meter cell to capacity (10mL volume) with the water sample.  Turn on the meter, and zero.  Dip the eXact® Strip DPD-1 in the water sample for 20 seconds with back and forth motion, then remove the strip and discard.  Press the meter’s read button and it will display the free chlorine level with 0.01 mg/L precision. 

eXact® Strip technology has new applications in pool/spa, home, aquarium/pond, food processing and dialysis water testing.  Additional applications include automotive coolant and lead paint testing. The eXact® EZ Advanced Photometric System offers more than 25 different parameters for analysis.

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