Advancing a Waste Prevention and Reduction Agenda in Canada



Waste generation – ranging from food to packaging and beyond – is one of Canada’s leading economic and environmental challenges facing cities and communities across the country. Canada’s National Zero Waste Council is a new cross-sectoral leadership initiative tackling this challenge head on, driving forward a national waste prevention and reduction agenda by encouraging design and behavior change in support of a shift to a circular economy and a world without waste.

At GLOBE 2014 CBC’s Marketplace Host, Erica Johnson, will moderate a debate on how the Council can best move forward a waste prevention agenda, what a supporting business case looks like and who needs to be involved to make large-scale system change possible. Also speaking will be:

Jamie Butterworth, Chief Executive, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, United Kingdom

Shelley Carroll, Councillor, City of Toronto, Director, National Zero Waste Council, Canada

Nathalie St-Pierre, Vice-President – Sustainability & Quebec, Retail Council of Canada

Michael Goeres, Executive Director, Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment

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