Advancing the Science of Enhanced Anaerobic Bioremediation


Source: Tersus Environmental, LLC

iSOC® Used at Former DPDO Waste Storage Area

After injection of a hydrogen-releasing compound reduced the plume by 50%, a hydrogen gas infusion system (iSOC®) was installed at the former Defense Property Disposal Office (DPDO) Waste Storage Area to maintain favorable conditions for the anaerobic bacteria. By enhancing reductive dechlorination (keeping the bacteria happy), solvent concentrations at the infusion wells were reduced by 93% within six months of startup!

Hydrogen gas inFusion applications work well in combination with electron donors such as emulsified vegetable oils (EVO) and soluble substrates. Hydrogen gas inFusion can be used to provide supplemental hydrogen electron donor to recirculation water and precondition waters used for bioaugmentation cultures. inFusion gPRO® systems can also be used to produce hydrogen enriched chase water. For more information contact us today.

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