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Advantages and Disadvantages of Second-hand Jaw Crusher

Is the second-hand crusher worth buying? I think there is such a question in the minds of most investors, especially for small businesses or start-ups. Buying used equipment is a continuation of the company's life. The key factor, but because the outside world is different for the second-hand jaw crusher, it is difficult to choose whether to buy it or not.

The second-hand jaw crusher is not worth buying?
To say that the second-hand jaw crusher is not worth buying? The following mainly introduces the advantages and disadvantages of the second-hand jaw crusher purchase, which are as follows:

1. Advantages:

Compared with the new E-breaking equipment, I think the biggest advantage of the second-hand jaw crusher is that its investment cost is low. For some enterprises with initial creation or capital flow, it may be a good choice.


a. Compared with the new E-break, the output value of the second-hand jaw crusher under the same specifications is not ideal, especially when the production is rushing or dealing with emergencies, the second-hand jaw crusher has poor response ability;

b. Compared with the new E-breaking equipment, the parts of the second-class jaw crusher are more aging and wearer. In the process of production, they may strike at any time and place, so that not only the production effect will be broken, but also the maintenance will be stopped again and again. Delaying the normal production of the enterprise, causing certain economic losses to the enterprise;

c. After all, it is a device that has already changed hands. Even if it is still in the insurance period, it will be replaced by the original manufacturer, and the original manufacturer will not continue to provide after-sales support. Therefore, compared with the new equipment, the second-hand jaw crusher does not have so many rights and interests. It can be said, so here we need to remind the majority of enterprise users who pre-purchase second-hand jaw crusher equipment, we must consider all aspects in the selection of investment, we must not only look at the price, not the quality! In addition, it is also necessary to remind that in the continuous upgrading of the crushing technology, the cost of the jaw crusher production will be less and less, and the cost price of the jaw crusher will gradually tend to be “intimate”, so there is no comparison. With the protection of rights and interests, and the second-hand jaw crusher that will “catch the child” anytime and anywhere, it is more reliable to vote for new equipment!

What should we pay attention to when purchasing such a jaw crusher?
For those customers who insist on picking a second-hand jaw crusher, it is recommended to learn more about it. The specific points to note are as follows:

1. Observe whether there is a large area of ​​cut welding and change in the overall appearance of the equipment;

2. Observe whether the corresponding parts are original;

3. Observe whether there is noise or not when the motor starts.