Adventus and Navarre Group Announce Program to Provide Remediation Products to Federal Contractors


Adventus Americas, Inc. (Adventus) announces a distribution agreement with Navarre Group, Inc. (NGI) to provide a vehicle through which our soil and groundwater remediation products can be advantageously supplied to contractors working on Federal sites.

CHICAGO, IL — Adventus Americas, Inc. (Adventus) has entered into an distribution agreement with Navarre Group, Inc. (NGI) to provide a vehicle through which our environmental biotechnologies can be more advantageously supplied to contractors working on Federal and Public sites. Current and future Adventus customers can now procure our products through an SDVO-qualified small business, which offers unique advantages in the evaluation of competitive bids for Federal remediation work. 

Navarre was established by Mr. Stewart Navarre (a recently retired USMC Colonel) and is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), located in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. As a result of his 35 years of service in the Navy and Marine Corps—culminating with promotion to Chief of Staff at Camp Pendleton, CA—Mr. Navarre developed exceptional program management and project execution skills that are now focused on enabling environmental remediation contractors to procure Adventus’ uniquely effective products for soil and groundwater remediation, while providing the advantages of procurement through a SDVOSB. 

“We are very pleased to represent Adventus and to offer their unique, proven remedial services and technologies to the federal sector and to their myriad contractors,” stated Stewart Navarre, President of Navarre Group, Inc. “Our company was established to help companies like Adventus meet their procurement expectations while simultaneously adding overall project value of professional project management and related services at reasonable prices.” 

“Navarre brings to Adventus a wealth of knowledge, experience and professionalism in the highly specialized field of providing premium technologies and services to the Federal marketplace,' said Dr. Jim Mueller, President of Adventus Americas, Inc. “By working with NGI we can promise that our Federal clients will consistently receive the standard of service expected of Adventus; features which include competitive pricing, technical support of the highest caliber available, and unsurpassed product performance.” 

The Department of the Army reports that small business growth through SDVOSBs is up 461 percent over the past five years. Businesses, governmental agencies, and NGOs are encouraged to work with SDVOSBs as they are offered procurement preferences.

About Navarre Group

Navarre Group Incorporated (NGI) is a California S-Corporation registered with the Federal Small Business Administration and the Federal Veterans Administration as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. NGI is also registered as a Veteran Owned Small Business. This meets the certification requirements for pursuing Federal business as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. NGI is completing certification with the State of California as a Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise. The certification process is a manual system. NGI has completed all documentation for certification. NGI expects this certification to complete by 30 March 2011 or earlier.

About Adventus Group

Adventus Group provides a growing portfolio of leading environmental remediation technologies, including patented offerings from Adventus Americas, Inc. and EnviroMetal Technologies Inc. Our business model supports site owners, environmental engineers, consultants, regulators, and the academic community by providing unbiased design, and selection of the most cost-effective remediation strategies. Our proprietary portfolio includes:

  • In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR) technologies:
    • DARAMEND® for soils, sludges and sediments;
    • EHC® portfolio of injectable amendments for groundwater;
    • EHC-L® liquid formulation for wells and other networks;  
    • EHC-M® for immobilization of soluble metal impacts;
    • A-SOX canister delivery system;
    • ZVI PRBs and related groundwater treatment innovations;
    • ZVI-Clay for in situ source zone treatment;  
  • EHC-O®  oxygen releasing compound for in situ hydrocarbon treatment;  
    • O-SOX canister delivery system;
  • ISGS in situ geochemical stabilization of DNAPL;  
  • AquaBlok® for in situ sub-aqueous capping and treatment of sediments;  
  • AquaBlok+ for capping and treatment of impacted sediments;  
  • HoleBlok+ down-well, low-permeability sealant;
  • mGCW microbiologically enhanced Groundwater Circulation Wells;  
  • Modeling Services for optimization of remedial designs and strategies.  

The Adventus scientific team is a recognized practice leader, with over 500 Abstracts published within the industry. Through 2010, we have successfully treated over 9,000,000 metric tons of soil impacted by hazardous wastes — and millions of gallons of groundwater — on 5 continents around the globe.

The Adventus family of companies is always seeking strategic partnerships with complementary remediation biotechnologies, and qualified international licensees in numerous countries. For more information please contact Dr. Alan Seech or visit us online at or


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