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ADVENTUS expands into China


Source: Adventus Americas Inc.

As part of continued success expanding deployment of sustainable environmental biotechnologies across the globe, Adventus Americas Inc., a leading innovator in the soil, sediment and groundwater remediation industry, is pleased to announce the appointment of BCEG Environmental Remediation Company Ltd. (BCEER) as its exclusive representative in the People’s Republic of China.

Dr. Fayaz Lakhwala, Director of Remedial Design & Engineering Services at Adventus, and the main corporate liaison for implementing this initiative stated 'On behalf of my colleagues at Adventus, we are very excited about assisting BCEER in their efforts to address some of the more pressing contaminated soil and groundwater problems being faced in China. With joint remediation projects already underway in Beijing, we are confident that the introduction of In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR™) and our other innovative biotechnologies will perform exceptionally well'.

Ms. Gao Yanli, General Manager at BCEER, said 'Our market oriented firm was among the first to see the importance of environmental remediation in China, and its significance for the enhancement of human life. As leaders in turning technical innovations into cost effective solutions, we believe the Adventus product portfolio has virtually unlimited potential across our client base.'

Mr. Michael Mueller, Vice President Business Development at Adventus, said 'It is widely accepted across the environmental remediation industry that China is continuing to make genuine efforts to address its contaminated site challenges. As our firm continues to expand around the world, the first challenge for promising new markets is to foster a mutually beneficial commercial relationship with a strong local partner. The professionals at BCEER exemplify the merits of this approach, and our forthcoming growth in China will be seen as a watershed to a wide range of stakeholders'.

BRISEA International Development, Inc. served as a key facilitator in this strategic arrangement. Ms. Yuhong Jiang commented that 'Close cooperation between US and Chinese environmental enterprises can benefit both parties. Forming strategic relationships with carefully selected counterparts in China enhances project success and protection of US company's Intellectual Property Rights. This arrangement demonstrates the feasibility of visionary US Companies, with proven technologies, charting a course for successful participation in the lucrative Chinese market'.

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