Adventus Group awarded Environmental Protection’s new product of the year, soil and groundwater category, for EHC-L®


CHICAGO -- Adventus Group has been awarded the Environmental Protection New Product of the Year award in the Soil and Groundwater category. Environmental Protection is an organization dedicated to companies, projects, and efforts that work to better our environment. This honor is given for the achievements of industry manufacturers whose products make environmental professionals' jobs easier.

Adventus Group’s work with the treatment of contaminated soil and groundwater fits that criterion ideally. Their latest remediation product, EHC-L®, is the newest member of the EHC family of In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR™) technologies. These remedial amendments allow for the removal of various constituents from groundwater and soil environments with an unprecedented degree of efficiency and effectiveness.

“We’re honored to have been selected by Environmental Protection for our EHC-L amendment,” said Alan Seech, PhD, CEO and Director of Technology for Adventus Group. “Our ISCR products represent a logical step in reduction mechanisms, and we're on the leading edge of that field.”

EHC-L offers the combined benefits of two powerful reduction mechanisms — biotic and abiotic dechlorination — using the right balance of superior fermentable carbon substrates and iron additives. Organic constituents amenable to bioremediation processes by EHC-L include chlorinated solvents, energetics and pesticides/herbicides.

Adventus Group’s innovation and leadership in soil and groundwater remediation space will continue to be vital in keeping the environment safe and clean. This Environmental Protection award is recognition of that fact and of Adventus’ dedication to that ideal.

About Adventus Group – Environmental Biotechnologies for the 21st Century

Adventus Europe GmbH is an affiliate corporation within the Adventus Group, offering the European continent an expanding portfolio of superior environmental remediation technologies. The business model is designed to support final clients, environmental engineers, consultants, regulators, and the academic community by providing design and selection of cost-effective remediation strategies. This proprietary portfolio includes:

  • In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR™) technologies:
    • DARAMEND® for soils, sludges and sediments;
    • EHC® portfolio of injectable amendments for groundwater;
    • EHC-L® liquid formulation for wells and other networks;  
    • EHC-M® for immobilization of soluble metal impacts;
    • ZVI PRBs and related groundwater treatment innovations;
    • ZVI-Clay for in situ source zone treatment;  
  • EHC-O®  oxygen releasing compound for in situ hydrocarbon treatment;  
  • O-SOX™ canister delivery system;
  • ISGS™ in situ geochemical stabilization of DNAPL;  
  • AquaBlok® for in situ sub-aqueous capping and treatment of sediments;  
  • AquaBlok+™ for capping and treatment of impacted sediments;  
  • HoleBlok+™ down-well, low-permeability sealant;
  • mGCW™ microbiologically enhanced Groundwater Circulation Wells;  
  • Modeling Services for optimization of remedial designs and strategies.  

The Adventus scientific team is a recognized practice leader, with over 500 Abstracts published within the industry. Through Summer 2011, we have successfully treated over 9,000,000 metric tons of soil impacted by hazardous wastes ― and millions of gallons of groundwater ― at over 1,000 sites around the globe.

The Adventus family of companies is always seeking strategic partnerships with complementary remediation biotechnologies, and qualified international licensees in numerous countries. For more information please contact Michael Mueller at or visit us online at

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