Adventus/Vironex EHC-L webinar, March 11th, 2011


Vironex is pleased to announce the first of our Spring Webinars on advances in remediation technologies.  On March 11, we will be holding a Webinar on the new Adventus product - EHC-L .

EHC-L is a stable, concentrated, buffered, microemulsion of controlled-release, food-grade carbon(Lecithin), nutrients, and iron designed for on-site dilution with cold water. It is a liquid variant of the Adventus established EHC product and is specially designed for injection via existing wells, hydraulic injection networks or direct push technology. EHC-L is designed to treat a wide range of groundwater contaminants that can be addressed via biotic and abiotic mediated reduction, including chlorinated hydrocarbons, energetics and agricultural chemicals - as well as heavy metals that will precipitate at redox/pH conditions induced by the product.

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