Adventus wins 2nd consecutive remediation technology award



Environmental Business Journal (EBJ), the leading business newsletter for the environmental industry, has announced the winners of the 2008 EBJ Business Achievement Awards, recognizing outstanding firms in the environmental industry. This annual awards program recognizes firms for their strong financial performance and growth as well as for specific projects which are significant in the advancement of the environmental industry.

In the Remediation Technology category, Adventus Group, a specialist in the evaluation of technologies for remediation projects, was recognized for performance evaluations of several innovative technologies that were successfully deployed. One technology, an in-situ integrated biological and chemical reduction (ISCR) technology called EHC®, achieved greater than 99.9% removal of total chlorinated volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at a dry-cleaner site in Oregon. Another technology, EHC-O™, is a pH-buffered source of slow-release oxygen plus inorganic nutrients for accelerated bioremediation of soil, sediment, and groundwater impacted by organic constituents that are amenable to aerobic biodegradation. The EHC-O process was used successfully at a site in Wisconsin to significantly reduce concentrations of eight polychlorinated VOCs in groundwater, six of them to non-detect levels. And finally, the DARAMEND® technology was used to treat agricultural land that had been contaminated by organo-chlorine pesticides at a cost of $21 per ton - significantly lower than a projected cost of $80 ton using the traditional dig-and-haul method.

Adventus Group also won the 2007 Business Achievement Award in Remediation Technology, for their Soil Vapor Pathway innovation.(See

Newer and smaller firms were also recognized for their ability to thrive in a tough economic climate says EBJ Editor-in-Chief Grant Ferrier, 'We particularly like to see the amount of small companies that continue to emerge in new and existing niches. While the old guard of the environmental industry continues to be the firms founded in the late 1970s and 1980s, new generations of companies have emerged since and new niches have evolved around sustainability, climate change, and other areas that is creating growth for the future.'

What is the secret to not only surviving, but growing during these difficult times? Ferrier says, 'most companies in our industry remain mission-driven and their mission is a significant factor in their growth, morale, and employee recruitment and retention.'

The full list of award recipients can be found online. Winners will be recognized at the 2009 Environmental Industry Summit, February 18-20, 2009, in Coronado, California. The full list of winners will also be published in the January 19, 2009 Executive Review issue of Environmental Business Journal.

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