AEA extends contract to train diplomats in environmental policy


Source: Ricardo-AEA

AEA’s Energy & Environment division has won the tender to provide the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) with environmental policy training. The aim of the training is to bring environmental policy issues into the day-to-day decision making of FCO staff at all levels.

The recently awarded contract, will run until the end of March 2008, with a possible two year extension.

The training, which AEA has been providing under a different contract since 2003, comprises interactive modules focusing on Sustainable Development, Energy and Climate Change.

AEA facilitates, and provides much of the technical content for, each of the three courses, utilising talent from world renowned partners such as Chatham House, the Overseas Development Institute, the Stockholm Environmental Institute, Futerra and the Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development.

The courses are delivered using a combination of traditional and more advanced training techniques, such as role-play scenarios. The training is particularly successful because it encourages participants to raise questions and to explore, through interactive exercises, the viewpoints of different country groupings, and of various stakeholders such as business and NGOs. Delegates have indicated that they find the mixture of learning methods both stimulating and effective.

Under the new contract, AEA will continue to provide the existing training format and also develop interactive online materials so that all FCO staff have access to the wealth of information provided by the courses.

Robert Bell, Managing Director of AEA Energy & Environment, said:

“Mitigating and preventing climate change, on an international level, is not simply about large scale pronouncements like the Kyoto accord. It is also about ensuring that all decisions that are made, however small, take environmental considerations into account.

“With the FCO environmental training programme, AEA is using its world leading expertise in the field of climate change and environmental policy to ensure that all FCO employees are well versed in the issues and practicalities. With an educated and environmentally minded FCO workforce, the UK can continue to effect positive change, wherever it is involved on the international stage.”

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