AECOM Experts to Present New Environmental Remediation Insights and Methods at Battelle Conference


Source: AECOM

AECOM, a premier, fully integrated global infrastructure firm, announced today that its scientists and engineers are presenting technical papers with new insights on remediation technologies at the Battelle “10th International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds,” in Palm Springs, Calif., from May 22-26. Based on research and vast experience remediating contaminated soil and groundwater, AECOM is reporting new understanding on a range of topics, including high-profile emerging contaminants, vapor intrusion and high resolution site characterization, which can improve cleanup at thousands of hazardous waste sites across the country.

One of the largest environmental consulting and remediation practices in the world, AECOM has world-class technical expertise in soil and groundwater remediation. During the conference technical program, AECOM professionals are leading sessions on heavy metals, remediation metrics, geology/hydrogeology, plume management, vapor intrusion, emerging contaminants and improved remediation decision-making. They are also contributing 15 platform presentations and 35 technical posters addressing pressing remediation challenges and opportunities, such as changes in regulatory oversight that are impacting site cleanup and closure.

“The strength of our longstanding Battelle Conference contributions to remediation of challenging contaminants is evidenced in the breadth of our expert papers and presentations,” said Dave Woodward, AECOM vice president, environment and director of remediation technology. “This is the advanced science and work that helps us solve client remediation problems more effectively and sustainably.”

The Battelle Conference gathers leading global scientists, engineers, regulators and environmental professionals from major government, university, regulatory, and research and development organizations as well as private industry.

AECOM’s global remediation team has expertise developing and implementing innovative remedial solutions to clean contamination and reduce lifecycle project costs. AECOM solves complex site challenges by assessing the nature and extent of contamination and risks to receptors and applying the most effective biological, chemical and physical technologies. AECOM technical remediation contributions include: assisting first-mover states with regulatory guidance; technology transfer for emerging contaminants and environmental sequence stratigraphy; advancing LNAPL management; and developing advanced remediation tools, including the U.S. Air Force’s Sustainable Remediation Tool (SRT™), AECOM’s Green and Sustainable Remediation best management practice tool GSRx™ and the industry-leading software for estimating remedial costs — Remedial Action Cost Estimating Requirements (RACER®).

AECOM has received Environmental Business Journal achievement awards for major remediation projects and has been nominated for the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for a new nanotechnology and green remediation method for treating contaminated soil and groundwater.

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