AECOM Remediation Experts Will Be Featured at Battelle Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies Conference


Source: AECOM

CHELMSFORD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- AECOM’s remediation scientists and engineers are contributing 15 platform presentations, 12 technical posters, chairing four technical sessions, and providing an expert panelist for the technical program at the Second International Battelle Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies Conference in Jacksonville, Fla., June 10-13, 2013.

AECOM is a worldwide leader in professional technical and management support services with a leading remediation practice. AECOM’s global remediation team has extensive experience developing innovative solutions involving bioremediation and sustainable remediation technologies. The Battelle Conference brings together scientists, engineers, regulators, site managers and other environmental professionals from government, academia, service and R&D firms to advance the state of the art of bioremediation and sustainable remediation technologies.

At the Battelle conference, Dr. Dora Chiang, the AECOM environment business’ senior technical leader for remediation, will chair a technical session on the remediation of perfluorinated compounds and other emerging contaminants that have persistent health-risk concerns in the environment. AECOM environment senior geologist and LNAPL group leader Trevre Andrews will present several papers on cutting-edge LNAPL remediation and recovery strategies, which are associated with oil and gas activities. And Rick Cramer, AECOM environment science director, will be an expert panelist for high-resolution subsurface assessment and environmental stratigraphy for groundwater remediation. He also will contribute several papers on the topic.

According to Dave Woodward, AECOM environment vice president and director of remediation technology, “The strength of our longstanding Battelle presence and contribution to bioremediation and sustainable technology is evidenced in the technical skills and influence of our experts and the breadth of our papers and presentations. This is the advance work that helps us solve client remediation problems more effectively and sustainably.”

AECOM works with clients to solve complex site challenges by critically assessing the nature and extent of contamination; the risks to receptors and safe exposure levels; and utilize leading-edge biological, chemical and physical technologies to reduce project costs. The company has contributed extensively to the industry’s technical literature, assisted with regulatory guidance in first-mover states, and developed advanced tools, including the U.S. Air Force’s Sustainable Remediation Tool (SRT™) and a green remediation best management practice tool GSRx™.

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