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AEM Partners with Compliance & Risks on EU REACH Initiative and Newsletter


Monthly newsletter provides customized information on EU REACH regulations for the off-road equipment manufacturing industry and its supply chains

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) and Compliance & Risks today announced the launch of a newsletter, the EU REACH Executive Brief.  The newsletter will keep equipment manufacturers informed about EU REACH regulations that apply to machinery imports to Europe. The announcement was made at the AEM Annual Conference today.  AEM announced the partnership with Compliance & Risks in August 2013.
Compliance & Risks is a European-based organization with expertise in EU regulations.  AEM’s collaboration with Compliance & Risks will help AEM members comply with changing European Union (EU) REACH regulations, ensuring continuing market access to the EU and reducing risk in that market.
The EU REACH Executive Brief is now available online.  REACH stands for (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of CHemical substances) and the newsletter will help AEM members manage their extended supply chains. 
The content of the EU Executive Brief is customized specifically for the off-road equipment manufacturing industry.  The Brief contains news of what has changed and is scheduled to change, upcoming deadlines and analysis from industry experts, as well as case studies and feature articles from peer companies.
John Wagner, AEM Director of Materials Management, explained that the EU REACH Executive Brief will offer critical information for AEM member companies.  “The first step to compliance with the EU REACH regulations is understanding which chemicals are on the Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) and Annex XIV Authorization lists and where they might be used in our industry.  The EU REACH Executive Brief delivers this information and more. Subscribers will be on top of all the changes in the lists and how they affect our industry.  However, the EU Executive Brief is an important part of a wider initiative by AEM to educate members and their supply chains on how to plan for and optimize their operations for continued access to the European Marketplace,” Wagner said.
Joe Skulski, CEO of Compliance & Risks, said that manufacturers will benefit from information covering the constantly changing EU regulatory environment. “New substance restrictions, legislative amendments, guidance documents and consultations are released on a near-daily basis under EU REACH.  We are delighted to partner with AEM to take the information from our compliance knowledge management platform, C2P, customize it for their industry  and offer this crucial Brief to its members and their supply chains,” said Skulski.
About the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) - 
AEM is the North American-based international trade group providing innovative business development resources to advance the off-road equipment manufacturing industry in the global marketplace. AEM membership comprises more than 900 companies and more than 200 product lines in the agriculture, construction, forestry, mining and utility sectors worldwide. AEM is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with offices in the world capitals of Washington, D.C.; Ottawa, Canada; and Beijing, China.
About Compliance & Risks - 
Founded in 2000, Irish-owned Compliance & Risks is one of the most trusted names in compliance knowledge management.  Working across more than 120 countries, we help companies monitor and manage compliance requirements throughout the world via our knowledge management system, C2P, daily alerts, market access and other solutions, enabling them to mitigate risk and focus on growth opportunities.  The company is headquartered in Cork with offices in Brussels, California and New York.

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