Aerated RO cleaning system launch


Source: Genesys International Limited

Microbubble Membrane Cleaning

Following a three-year internal research project, Genesys International introduced its new, enhanced RO membrane cleaning system. In a paper presented at the IDA World Congress in Tianjin.

According to senior research chemist and process inventor, Max Fazel, the cleaning process is supplemented by introducing air into the chemical cleaning solution using a Genairator microbubble generator. He told WDR, “The pulsing stream of 5-micron microbubbles works in combination with our chemical cleaners to mechanically disrupt foulants on the membrane surface, which significantly shortens cleaning times.”

The company has conducted numerous pilot and demonstration tests and this week’s presentation at the IDA World Congress in Tianjin marks its technical launch. A full commercial launch of the process, which can be used in conjunction with new or existing CIP systems, will be held in conjunction with Aquatech Amsterdam on 5 November.

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