AERMOD-HPCS a high performance version of U.S. EPA`s AERMOD


Source: HiPERiSM Consulting, LLC

HiPERiSM Consulting, LLC, (Durham, North Carolina) has linked with AS1MET Services (Blanco, Texas) to form a joint venture, HiCLAS1, dedicated to bringing High Performance Computing (HPC) capability to Environmental Modeling.

The first product offered by HiCLAS1 is AERMOD-HPCS. This is a performance enhanced version of the U.S. EPA’s AERMOD and it is designed to deliver results faster on commodity computer platforms with a single processor core. In-house Quality Assurance testing shows that the value the AERMOD-HPCS version offers includes features such as:

- no changes in the science behind the AERMOD model,
- performance that is 2 to 3 times faster (depending on the data and platform) when compared to the model distributed by the U.S. EPA, and
- numerical results that are within the tolerance of constants used in the EPA AERMOD source code (for the cases we have used in the QA study).

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