AERMOD View Version 7.3 Released!


Source: Lakes Environmental Software

Lakes Environmental announced the release of AERMOD View Version 7.3 to its base of users on October 27, 2011. Please find below a list of the main features implemented in this latest release:

  • New line source tool using area sources 
  • MAKEMET Utility for preparing screen met data
  • Support for AERMOD View project names greater than 8 characters 
  • Automatic download of 1-minute ASOS wind data (AERMET) and NLCD92 land use files (AERSURFACE) for projects in the USA 
  • Support for additional AERMET Q/A options for surface and upper air met data (RANGES, NO_MISSING, and MODIFY keywords)       

For a detailed listing of updates available in AERMOD View Version 7.3, please check out our latest release notes.

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