AEROMIX awarded large wastewater treatment project


Source: AEROMIX Systems, Inc.

AEROMIX Systems, Inc. will supply 2 complete packaged wastewater treatment plants for a 2500 man camp in Baja California, Mexico. The packaged plants will be used to treat water from the kitchen, laundry, & ablution facilities at the camp. The wastewater treatment systems will have a flow of up to 150,000 gpd; (200 liters per day, per person) of domestic wastewater. This efficient wastewater treatment system is compact, self-contained, and factory pre-fabricated to reduce time of installation at the project site.

AEROMIX also manufactures Compact Water Treatment Plants, aerators, and mixers. Packaged wastewater treatment systems are designed and engineered specifically for remote areas outside the reach of municipal wastewater treatment systems.

AEROMIX is a world leader in water and wastewater treatment equipment. AEROMIX designs and manufactures advanced aeration and mixing technologies for water and wastewater, package and field-erectable wastewater treatment plants and drinking water systems. Contact Melauna Robinson for more information on our water and wastewater treatment equipment.

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