AEROMIX introduces GREEN aeration system


Source: AEROMIX Systems, Inc.

AEROMIX Systems in Minneapolis has designed the first and only GREEN aeration system on the market. It saves energy, reduces greenhouse gases, and is 100% recyclable. The brand new TORNADO Eco™ Aeration System captured the attention of many at the WEF (Water Environmental Federation) show last month in Chicago,
Illinois U.S.A.

The TORNADO Eco™ boasts greater efficiency than a conventional aerator. The propeller, which was carefully researched by the University of Minnesota, contributes to its unmatched oxygen transfer performance. Tests show that its oxygen transfer rate is 26% higher than a standard aerator. Partially or completely powered by solar panels and/or wind generators, the TORNADO Eco™ cuts electricity consumption and may earn energy credits for municipal wastewater treatment plants.

The TORNADO Eco™ is also made 100% of stainless steel and other recyclable materials. Unlike other aerators, no plastic, fiberglass, or ceramics are used. The floats are also foam and plastic-free. Laser etched labels are used on both the equipment and packaging as an environmentally-friendly alternative to vinyl labels with adhesives.

In an effort to be eco-friendly, AEROMIX will not be offering printed brochures or instruction manuals for the TORNADO Eco™ Aeration System. If you have not already done so, please download the PDF brochure that is available on the web at:

AEROMIX Systems, Incorporated manufactures a complete line of specialized aeration and mixing equipment for treating water and wastewater in industrial, municipal and freshwater markets. Contact Melauna Estrada for more information on our water and wastewater treatment equipment.

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