AEROMIX Package Plant treats wastewater from Children’s Home


Source: AEROMIX Systems, Inc.

A new design extended aeration Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plant has been manufactured and shipped to treat the wastewater produced from a children’s detention home in the south eastern US. The Packaged Treatment Plant is completely self contained and assembled allowing nearly instant operation upon arrival. This new Package Plant, capable of treating up to 25,000 gpd of domestic wastewater, includes an aerated equalization basin, bar screen, aeration basin with AEROMIX CYCLONE® diffusers, hopper clarifier, sludge holding tank and digester, chlorine disinfection system, and post aeration. The system produces effluent with less than 30mg/l BOD and suspended solids from domestic wastewater. Sophisticated blower enclosures are used to keep sound levels low. A special paint system and engineered piping is used to virtually eliminate corrosion within the system.

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