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Aerox Sponsor of Innovative Tire Development Forum 2015


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Aerox-Injector is able to remove more than 85 % of the odours (typical rubber smell) in process air coming from the mixing area.

Aerox B.V. is business development partner of the Innovative Tire Development Form 2015. 

The reason for this event:

The tire industry is a mature industry that has not changed for 110 years. We are starting to see dramatic changes in production methods regarding new materials available and new technologies becoming more present. Hands-free production and components preparation are already in limited use. Global automotive industry holds significant opportunities for industry players due to strong demand for passengers and commercial vehicles in developing countries.

China and India’s continuing growth in automotive industry has attracted substantial investment from international player like Pirelli who is setting up its largest global tire manufacturing center in China. Investment in South Eastern region market and its expansion brings additional value to European market itself and creates additional competitive advantage. R&D trends in green tire developments: what is the pattern for new opportunities in development how to overcome the issue in balancing the performances of the tire in order to produce safe tire are the biggest challenges right now.

On the other hand, legislation introduced two years ago still severely triggers the industry. There is a serious lack of perspective on future legislation and market surveillance. Europe is the most highly regulated area for tire production and marketing but its global competitors are well aware that there is no market surveillance to enforce those strict rules. 

Legislation, new materials available followed by new technical and technological achievements, wrapped with regional development, growth opportunities and investments will be in depth analysed and nicely structured and presented at the upcoming conference.

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