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Aerzen Turbo – Solution for tomorrow’s world!


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Aerzen presents the new turbo blower

With the experience in manufacture of positive displacement blowers since 1868 and screw compressors since 1943 Aerzen regularly sets new standards in quality and innovation of twin shaft rotary piston machines. Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH counts among the pioneers in compressor technique and is one of the world-leading manufacturers today. For the first time now Aerzen presents a new technology of turbo blowers and stretches their range of products by the segment of continuous flow machines.

Aerzener Maschinenfabrik has developed the new AT Turbo blower Generation 5 especially for the requirements of biologically working municipal and industrial water treatment plants. This series is available in 11 sizes and with suction volumes of approx. 4.000 m³/h up to 13.200 m³/h, pressure ranges of 400 mbar up to 100 mbar and motor sizes up to 300 kW.

Aerzen turbo blowers are equipped with high-speed permanent magnet motors and can be adapted optimally to changing need of process air via frequency converter and without additional mechanical adjustments even steplessly between 40% and 100%. Frequency converter and smoothing coil are integrated in the plants fully wired. Compared to conventional motors this motor achieves a much higher efficiency ratio. The air-cooled compact motor is speed controlled. The drive is effected via absolutely oil-free as well as touch- and vibration-free air-pocket bearing. Result: excellent efficiency, minimum maintenance and reduced wear.

Further characteristics of the new turbo generation: impeller from stainless steel, not only corrosion resistant and stable but above all impressing by its high solidity and therefore thin wall thickness resulting in better aerodynamics and higher efficiency ratio. A self produced frequency converter accomplishes the picture. Permanent control of volume flow avoids an unregulated shut-down of the machine into the surge line in case of unforeseen pressure fluctuation. The Aerzen frequency converter is designed explicitly for the safe operation of turbo blowers and adapted to them. It is therefore one big step ahead of standard converters with regard to operating characteristic and efficiency.

For the development of the new package concept AT Turbo Generation 5 we counted on the established Aerzen Delta Blower and Delta Hybrid with their modular assembly system that offers many advantages to the customer:

  • Improvement of energy efficiency
    by operation of an additional cooling air turbo and better cooling air duct within the package
  • Low costs of service and maintenance; reliability and durability
    by absolutely oil-free, touch and vibration free air-pocket bearing
  • Reduced noise level
    by innovative sound enclosure and better sound-damping
  • Space-saving installation
    by installation directly side by side
  • Operator convenience, simple installation and commissioning
    good accessibility of all electronic components by extractable ‘drawer concept‘, integrated control with touch screen, supplied completely ready for connection.

As an additional feature the AT Turbo does not simply exhaust its waist heat into the environment but – and this is unique – makes the waist heat useable for the operator via a separate flange. Intelligent side effect: cool operating floors, no avoidable heating of the activation basin and cost-free heating where you require it.

With a range out of three products – positive displacement blower of the Delta Blower series, rotary lobe compressor Delta Hybrid and Turbo Blower AT Turbo Generation 5 – Aerzener Maschinenfabrik offers ideal conditions to plan and operate a process air station at highest efficiency level with solutions from a single source. As in sewage technology nowadays both technologies – positive displacement and turbo machines - are operated.  The ideal and absolute top of efficiency is, however the combination of these two highly efficient technologies so that basic, peak and low demands are covered optimally. This is the way to combine the physical advantages of a continuous-flow machine – the high energy efficiency at construction point – with the advantages of positive displacement machines – the high adjustability and good efficiency even in partial load; and this helps to save energy costs considerably.

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