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Against wet feet in the field – IDS sensors with wireless modules


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Already a great success in laboratory applications, wireless modules for IDS sensors now conquer the field measurement.

Available from July 2018 the wireless sensors will bring real benefit in outdoor measurements with a new waterproof bonding. A typical application is groundwater pumping testing. The new modules will be labeled with an IP 66 rating (hose-proof).

A classical pumping test includes the measurement of pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen, sometimes also ORP. For this purpose the groundwater will be pumped through a flow-through vessel. This vessel is equipped with appropriate sensors which are connected to the meter(s).

Exposed to wind and weather this is sometimes a very inconvenient task for the operator: When using tethered sensors he has to wait near the measuring spot until he gets stable results – even if it is raining cats and dogs. When using IDS plug head sensors with outdoor-proven wireless modules this discomfort can be avoided: The wireless sensors communicate with the instrument e.g. a b  Multi 3630 in a line of sight over distances of more than ten meters without any problems.

The measured values can be read in real time from a dry shelter or out of a car – without getting wet feet. The modified b  wireless modules will be available in a few couple of weeks, a real benefit to everyone who doesn’t want to stay in the rain.

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