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Agilent chooses Peak


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Agilent have chosen a Peak Infinity generator to supply nitrogen for the Agilent University in Singapore.

The generator will be providing the nitrogen supply to all of the LCMS training instruments in the laboratory during Agilent's scheduled training for their customers, distributors and business partners.

Agilent university aims to increase tenure and maximise productivity by educating laboratory staff to utilize instruments to their full potential.

The Infinity series of laboratory gas generators are compressor-less nitrogen systems which have been engineered to provide gas to labs which already have an external source of air, and they are suitable for most mass spectrometers available on the market.

Agilent chooses Peak

Peak work in partnership with large instrument manufacturers such as Agilent to offer dedicated solutions for their customers. If you would like to know the Peak solution for any of the instruments in your lab, get in touch.

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