Agilent Introduces CGH+SNP cancer microarrays and Cytogenomics software for cancer research


Source: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

MONTREAL -- Agilent Technologies Inc., (NYSE: A) today introduced SurePrint G3 CGH+SNP cancer catalog microarrays, addressing the growing need of researchers to detect both copy number and copy-neutral aberrations in cancer tissue samples in the same experiment.

The new microarray release is accompanied by the release of Agilent CytoGenomics 2.0 software, which now includes support for CGH+SNP analysis of genetically complex samples such as hematological cancer samples.

The new microarrays are based on designs by the Cancer Cytogenomics Microarray Consortium and join Agilent's market-leading CGH+SNP microarrays and ISCA arrays for cytogenetic research.

'It is highly desired by the cancer genomics community to have a single platform that embraces the advantages of both CGH and SNP arrays,' said Marilyn M. Li, M.D., professor of molecular and human genetics, Baylor College of Medicine. 'The combined CGH-SNP platform allows the detection of copy number neutral or copy number gain, loss of heterozygosity and copy number variations in SNP deserts of the genome. The addition of SNP probes to CGH arrays increases the confidence of detecting low-level mosaicism and assists in determining the ploidy status of the cancer genome. The allelic information afforded by SNP probes bears critical significance. For example, SNP allelic patterns can help to distinguish true high hyperdiplody from duplication of hypodiploidy, providing insight into the disease evolution.'

'Our two-color CGH microarray platform has seen extensive use in cancer research for many years as evidenced by hundreds of publications,' said Kathleen Shelton, Agilent senior marketing director, Genomics. 'We're very pleased to offer microarrays that add SNP analysis for copy-neutral LOH functionality at the same high quality as copy-number data with approximately 5-Mb LOH resolution on the same microarray.'

Agilent also introduced CytoGenomics 2.0 software, available at no charge to array customers, designed to analyze data from the SurePrint CGH+SNP cancer microarray experiments. The new algorithms in CytoGenomics 2.0 allow analysis of samples with genomic complexity (often observed in cancers as a consequence of copy number changes), tumor heterogeneity, and admixtures of tumor and normal cells.

In addition to the catalog arrays, Agilent offers easy customization of SurePrint G3 CGH+SNP cancer arrays. Customers can use Agilent's eArray online design tool to choose from 65,000 SNPs and more than 28 million prequalified CGH probes.

These new products join Agilent's comprehensive genomics workflow solutions, which include the Bravo automated liquid-handling platform, new generation SureScan Microarray Scanner, reagents, and bioinformatics software. Agilent also offers a complete sample-preparation workflow for next-generation sequencing centered around the market-leading SureSelect XT Target Enrichment system.

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