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Agilent Technologies announces enhancements for LC and LC/MS Systems


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SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced three enhancements for its LC and LC/MS products. The company has increased mass scan speeds on its LC/MS single quadrupole instruments, launched the StreamSelect LC/MS system, and released new MassHunter walk-up software.

'These enhancements to our LC and LC/MS product lines will increase the efficiency and reliability of workflows across numerous applications,' said David Edwards, senior director of LC/MS marketing at Agilent. 'Agilent has a long heritage of leadership in the LC and LC/MS space, and we remain committed to continually improving our technology to meet the evolving needs of our customers.'

Faster Analyses with Higher Scan Speeds

Agilent has doubled the mass scan speed on its single quad LC/MS instruments by using exclusive signal-processing algorithms. The increased speed supports faster separations so that labs can run more samples per day. Also, the ultra-fast scan speeds are compatible with the sub-second peak widths resulting from high-speed, UHPLC separations on the Agilent 1290 Infinity LC system. Already a leader in single quad mass spectrometry, Agilent has now enhanced the performance of its entire portfolio with its new signal-processing algorithms.

StreamSelect LC/MS System

The StreamSelect LC/MS system consists of two Agilent 1200 Series LCs (with optional online sample cleanup) coupled to a single 6400 Series Agilent Triple Quadrupole LC/MS. Easy-to-use Agilent MassHunter StreamSelect software controls the timing of staggered injections and analysis windows for higher throughput.

The StreamSelect LC/MS system was designed to increase productivity without the need to purchase an additional mass spectrometer. With this robust, fully integrated, single-vendor solution, Agilent has enabled high uptime while lowering the cost of support and the cost per sample. In addition, the company's StreamSelect software provides users with easy, intuitive control of Agilent instrumentation in a routine testing environment.

MassHunter Walkup Software

MassHunter walkup software for LC/MS and LC systems gives many users the ability to submit and analyze their samples using multiple LC and LC/MS systems, with little specialized knowledge of mass spectrometry or chromatography. The new software also enables users to administer these systems remotely.

A major development for pharmaceutical laboratories supporting medicinal chemists, the software will allow the scientists to verify that they have correctly synthesized specific compounds. The new software also offers easy setup and administration and enables chemists to submit samples and obtain their results remotely.

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