Agilent Technologies Announces Support for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology in Korea


Source: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Partnership with WISET to Develop Scientists and Engineers for Country`s Innovation Economy

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced a strategic partnership with the Center for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (WISET), a government organization based in Seoul, South Korea, to help advance women scientists and engineers in that country.

Under the agreement, Agilent and WISET will jointly develop training programs that will be conducted at WISET's academy and Agilent's customer applications and training center in Seoul. The training will be conducted by Agilent experts, using the company's latest analytical instruments, for groups of unemployed women identified by WISET.

'As South Korea continues to invest in research and development, demand will grow for skilled talent across various industries for top-notch scientists, chemists, engineers and technologists,' said Dr. Heisook Lee, president of WISET. 'Examples of these industries include life sciences, pharmaceutical, environment and chemical. WISET is actively engaging with Agilent, the world's leading provider of analytical instruments used by scientists and engineers in these industries, to help meet our nation's demand for skilled professionals.

'In South Korea we find that women are underrepresented in the fields of science,' added Dr. Lee. 'Through joint seminars, specialized training and other outreach activities with Agilent, we hope to encourage women who are not working, such as those on a career break, to return to the workforce through science. By 2017, we aim to achieve our goal of delivering more than 200 women scientists and engineers for our country.'

'Agilent is a strong proponent and driver for innovation and education,' said Agilent's Douglas Janson, regional business director for South Korea and distributor channels in South East Asia, Chemical Analysis Group. 'Agilent is proud to be an economic, intellectual and social asset to the communities in every market in which we operate. We are pleased to support the development of the next generation of scientists, chemists, engineers and technologists in South Korea.'

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