Agilent Technologies introduces second-generation low thermal-mass system, integrating fast-cycling GC technology with standard data systems


Source: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

ATLANTA -- Agilent Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced the Agilent LTM Series II system for gas chromatography, the second generation of its proprietary low thermal-mass technology that greatly increases sample throughput using faster column heating/cooling cycles.

The LTM Series II system can utilize standard Agilent chromatography data system software, enabling users to seamlessly integrate the higher throughput of LTM technology into their laboratory workflows.

'Many customers are under pressure to increase lab productivity, but they don't want to run multiple instrument software systems to achieve it,' said Shanya Kane, Agilent vice president, Gas Chromatography Systems and Workflow Automation. 'The new LTM Series II control is integrated with all Agilent data system platforms, including the new OpenLAB CDS software.'

The Agilent LTM Series II system works with the Agilent 7890A GC, known for its rugged performance. Rather than using the 7890A as a conventional GC oven, the columns are wrapped with heating elements and temperature sensors, enabling dramatically faster temperature ramp rates and rapid cooldown.

The LTM Series II system uses the same injectors, detectors and fused silica columns as the 7890A GC, which are used in existing GC and GC/MS methods. Agilent Method Translation Software facilitates method changes that can take advantage of faster temperature ramp capabilities for faster chromatographic runs.

Another proprietary Agilent GC technology, Capillary Flow Technology, extends column life by providing a reliable, leak-free backflush function. This protects the column from contamination and further increases productivity by eliminating time-consuming bake out of late eluting compounds. Capillary Flow Technology can also provide new capabilities in two-dimensional chromatography via simultaneous, independent temperature profiles for each column.

This makes the fast-cycling Agilent LTM Series II system well suited for hydrocarbon processing, environmental analysis, food safety testing, forensics, pharmaceutical QA/QC, and food/flavor/fragrance analysis.

LTM hardware consists of a replacement door for the Agilent 7890A GC containing built-in electronics and slots for up to four LTM column modules. If desired, the 7890A GC can still be used as a conventional oven-based GC.

Details and ordering information about the Agilent LTM Series II GC are available at .

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