Agra-Cycle Announces Carbon Sequestration Project



10 Million Tons By 2022

July 02,2011 Memphis, TN -- Agra-Cycle announces carbon sequestration project likely to become the
largest landfill reduction strategy in Tennessee State history
composting a projected 10 million tons of organic waste by 2022.

Using EPA computations this will eliminate approximately 7,000,000
million tons of greenhouse gases (methane) that would normally be
produced if the waste were sent to a landfill to rot.

“Agra-Cycle, Inc. is a non profit organization that was formed to
educate and promote our community about the importance of sustainable
agriculture for sustainable communities.”

Agra-Cycle holds the rights to what has become known as the next
generation of in-vessel composting systems. It is a hyper
Thermophillic composting chamber that is the most efficient of it’s
kind. They call it the Vee-Stack, a vertical composting unit that
will process over 10 tons of organic waste per day transforming waste
into an organic soil amendment.

“When you get right down to the heart of the matter, the Vee-Stack is
an enormous incubator designed to propagate hyper thermophillic
bacteria and fungi. These high temperature micro-organisms are much
more efficient in breaking down lignin and fibers that plague typical
composting systems.

The Vee-Stack is largely made of recycled materials itself which
dramatically reduce construction cost. The Vee-Stack makes use of
ceramics technology developed by NASA that increases the efficiency
and enables the Vee-Stack to operate at temperatures unmatched by
other methods. The unique design of this unit allows self aeration so
there is no need for a blower to operate.

Agra-Cycle plans to offer this as a service first to clients in the
agricultural sector and then eventually, the general public. As a
service there is only a monthly expense commensurate with typical
waste management services. There is no equipment to buy and no
employees to train. The result is a truly effective landfill
diversion strategy for any company that produces large amounts of
organic waste.

Each ton of composted organic matter absorbs it’s weight in
atmospheric carbon many times over. “This could be the most efficient
and sustainable carbon sequestration method known to man.”


“What excites us the most is having a local source of bulk compost
that will be made available first for sustainable farming and then to
independent gardening centers” When you suddenly have tons of local
compost available it becomes much easier to entice farmers to convert
to more sustainable methods of farming. Applications of organic
matter also reduce the amount of fertilizer a farmer has to apply as
well as helping to increase yield.

It can be either spread down crop rows or used to brew ‘compost tea’
for foliar applications. Drenching or irrigation systems.

Agra-Cycle’s proprietary method for the processing and preparation of
the mix prior to loading into the Vee-Stack results in finished
product that far surpasses industry standards for compost.

“One of the truly unique qualities of the Vee-Stack is that it
operates at temperatures far exceeding open air methods. Since the
Vee-Stack is a totally self contained unit there is no risk of fire.
This allows for hyper thermophillic bacteria that thrive at
temperatures over 180 degrees Fahrenheit. These species of bacteria
break down even the most resistant fibers while destroying pathogens,
weed seeds and e-coli.

“We believe that the Vee-Stack will be a tremendous asset, allowing us
to broadcast our mission of providing educational and research
opportunities that promote sustainable agriculture”

For more information please visit Agra-Cycle’s profile on
Environmental Expert or visit them at their website


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