Agricultural Films Market By Applications [Greenhouse, Silage, Mulch] & Polymers Trends & Forecasts to 2017


The report covers the global agricultural films market which includes application of the agricultural films, different types of agricultural films, and other related segments. It also studies about the application/end use of the agricultural films with respect to different geographical areas. It also gives the insights about the technology being used; analyses the market with respect to drivers, opportunity, and winning imperatives related to the industry.

The qualitative analyses of agricultural films with respect to its concept, technical knowhow, innovations, various applications, properties, and characteristics are done in an elaborative manner. It mainly highlights the properties such as durability, light transmission, diffusion, antifog, thermal effect, diffusion, degradation, and innovations such as ultra violet blocking films, NIR blocking films, florescent, and ultrathermic films .The agricultural films are gaining a worldwide importance as the area under protected agriculture increasing day-by-day. Furthermore, the need to increase the agricultural production to feed the ever-growing population is also a vital growth driver for agricultural films. The demand for agricultural films has driven due to its multi tasking and efficient functioning.

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Regulatory authorities are implying directives for use of polyethene. Regulations regarding use of the plastics and recycling of the plastics are being implemented in the regions of Europe, U.S., and Asia at a significant pace. The policies and regulation implied by different authorities for supporting degradable films production are also discussed in the study. The degradable films are gaining importance due to its eco-friendly and the cost of disposal is avoided. 

The agricultural film market is also analyzed with respect to the Porters five forces model. Different market forces such as bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of buyers, degree of competition, threat of substitutes, and new entrants are analyzed with respect to the agricultural films industry. This report also provides insights about the patent analysis by various market players for last five years and the market share analysis for different regions including Asia, North America, and Europe. The global agricultural film market in Asia is highly fragmented and films manufacturers are proliferated. In North America, there are few players with less technical knowhow and in Europe there are many players with good technology, quality, and competitive price.

The global agricultural film market is segmented firstly on the basis of the polymers as linear low density polyethene, low density polyethene, high density polyethene, reclaim, and others. Secondly, it is segmented on the basis of application as greenhouse agricultural films, silage films, mulching films; these are again further segmented up to the end use. Lastly, the market is segmented on the basis of the geography such as North America, Europe, Asia, and Rest of World (ROW); further it is segmented with major countries as in Europe – Italy, Spain, Germany, France, U.K., and rest of the Europe; in Asia- China and others. Each region has been analyzed with respect to its market trends, growth, and future prospective of the agricultural films market. The data has been analyzed over a period of 2010 to 2017. The quantitative data regarding all the above segmentation is given in both the terms value ($million) as well as volume (thousand tons).

Furthermore, the different major market participants within the agricultural films market are profiled in the report. This gives details about the company which include company overview, financial details, products, strategy, and recent developments.

Scope of the report

The report segments the global agricultural films market as:

On the basis of polymer:

  • Low density polyethylene
  • Linear low density polyethylene
  • High density polyethylene
  • Reclaim
  • Others

On the basis of applications:

  • Greenhouse
  • Classic greenhouse
  • Macro tunnels/Walking tunnels
  • Low tunnels
  • Silage
  • Silage stretch films
  • Silage sheet
  • Silage bags
  • Mulching
  • Black mulches
  • Transparent mulches
  • Other mulch films

On the basis of geography:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • ROW

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