Ahlstrom`s CEO Jukka Moisio resigns


Source: Ahlstrom-Munksjö

Ahlstrom Corporation's President and CEO Jukka Moisio has announced that after serving the company for 17 years, he will resign from Ahlstrom's service in order to take on new challenges. Moisio will step down from his role as Ahlstrom's CEO immediately, but will remain at Ahlstrom's disposal until August 28, 2008.
As of today, Ahlstrom's Board of Directors has appointed B.Sc. Risto Anttonen (born 1949), Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations, to act as interim CEO. Risto Anttonen joined Ahlstrom in 1991 and has held several senior executive positions in the company.
The Board of Directors has initiated the search for a new CEO.
Ahlstrom's Chairman of the Board, Peter Seligson:
'I would like to warmly thank Jukka Moisio for his excellent contribution to Ahlstrom during these years, and especially in recent years for implementing the growth investments and actions to improve profitability. The company is now well positioned for the future and for achieving the goals set. I am also confident that the Ahlstrom team, led by Risto Anttonen, is fully committed to the implementation of the strategy.'

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