Aiming high in the UK`s green capital


Source: ENER-G

The UK’s tallest residential building will make a high profile contribution to London Mayor Ken Livingston’s green capital, thanks to a state-of-the-art community heating scheme that includes a combined heat and power (CHP) system.

The CHP technology will enable the iconic Pan Peninsula development, next to London’s Canary Wharf, to generate its own heat and electricity on site, helping to reduce energy bills and shrink its carbon footprint.

Compared to a conventional electricity grid supply and condensing boiler, the CHP system is expected to cut emissions by 207 tonnes per year –equivalent to the environmental benefits of a 79 hectare forest, which is 11 times the total floor area of Pan Peninsula or the size of 110 Wembley stadium football pitches.

The CHP system, manufactured by Manchester-based cogeneration specialist Ener-g Combined Power, is part of a mechanical and electrical installation programme being carried out by engineering company Haydon Mechanical & Electrical for Ballymore Properties.

The £27 million Pen Peninsula project is due to be completed in 2009. Built on a site previously occupied by a much smaller office building, the development will see two towers rise high over London’s skyline. At 149 metres, the larger tower will not only be the tallest residential development in the country, but also Britain’s 12th highest building. And only the Canary Wharf tower has more than Pan Peninsula’s 50 floors. The development consists of 762 luxury apartments as well as a private cinema, sports and spa centre and a landmark waterside restaurant. The CHP system is highly energy efficient as it recovers heat created in the electricity generation process. In conventional power stations this heat disappears into the atmosphere and is wasted. Instead, it will be used to provide heating and hot water for the landmark building, which makes CHP one of the leading low carbon technologies available.

The system uses an Ener-g 135 natural gas powered reciprocating engine running at 1500 rpm, with a synchronous generator, electrical output of 135 kWe, heat output of 215 kW and acoustic enclosure. It also features on board computer control, protection and remote monitoring.

“By radically reducing its carbon footprint, Pan Peninsula will make a substantial and visible contribution to Ken Livingstone’s Green London programme, while representing a beacon of sustainability for the whole country,” said Simon Walsh, business development director at Haydon.

“The CHP system represents a small fraction of the overall building costs, yet this adds tremendous value by creating significant energy savings and considerable environmental benefits for the consulting engineer, contractor, developer and residents,” added Simon Walsh.

Benefits include fiscal incentives for developers such as enhanced capital allowances as well as reduced energy bills for residents. Designers and developers also benefit from the fact CHP supports Part L building regulation compliance and helps to deliver the green requirements of local planning departments.

“The UK government and EU are increasingly placing CHP and community heating programmes at the heart of environmental policy and it is now important to assess the viability of CHP in relation to the requirements of the EU’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive,” explained Jason Clarke , regional business development manager at Ener-g Combined Power.

The European legislation, now included in Part L, says that the technical, environmental and economic feasibility of systems such as CHP and community heating must be considered for new buildings with a total useful floor area of more than 1,000 sq m.

“In addition, the UK government has recently made clear that special emphasis will be placed on the benefits of CHP and community heating systems whenever planning policy guidance, regional planning guidance and sustainable development guidance is introduced or reviewed,” added Jason Clarke.

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