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Air and water instrumentation market to exceed $14.1 billion this year


Source: The McIlvaine Company

Expenditures for portable, laboratory and continuous measuring instruments for air and water will exceed $14.1 billion this year. This is the forecast made by McIlvaine in its Air and Water Monitoring publications. ( The definition of the market is based on the McIlvaine concept of “decisive classification” rather than scientific or literal classification. Some process analyzers, software and transmitters are included in the forecast because this is the way many of the suppliers view the market and, most importantly, the segmentation which purchasers use to sort through the alternatives.

Oxygen measurement is one of the largest segments in the air and gas sector. It is used for control and safety in combustion applications. It is also used for inerting systems and gas storage. It is used to determine the quality of CO2 used in brewing. It is one of a number of parameters measured with air pollution continuous emission monitor systems.

Dissolved oxygen measurements in water are a major water segment with analyzer revenues approaching $200 million/yr. Continuous monitors are needed in beverage, aquaculture and remediation. Accurate pH, O2, conductivity and turbidity measurements are critical in modern wastewater treatment.

One of the fastest growing segments is continuous monitors for oil and gas. Water quality instrumentation is needed to monitor aquifers and surface water in proximity to shale gas operations. Gas chromatographs can continuously measure natural gas Btu content, an important parameter in energy transactions.

The total process control and instrumentation market exceeds $70 billion worldwide. The measurement and control of gases and liquid processes is just a small portion of the total, but it is difficult to completely compartmentalize this portion.

Only $1 billion out of a total expenditure of $15 billion is included in the McIlvaine air/water forecast.

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