Air Conditioning Electricity Costs rise in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah


Source: EnviroTech

EnviroTech Air Conditioing Energy Saving Systems

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, UAE, -- Energy Prices and Electricity Costs rising each year in the UAE which means that Energy Saving Systems are now coming into fashion! Energy Efficiency is now a must!

Air Conditioning for residential and commercial buildings is the single largest consumer of electricity so tenants and owners are now looking for ways to reduce their air conditioning energy costs.

EnviroTech, a company based in Masdar City is helping a wide range of customers to reduce these AC costs by fitting small control systems in the form of a small box installed next to the normal domestic AC Unit, it only takes around half an hour to install and will save up to 30% of your Electricity Bill, a slightly larger control system is also available for main Chiller Plants in larger buildings such as Apartment Buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, Factories, Schools and Government Buildings.

In some cases these controls are saving considerable kWh Energy Consumption, reducing Carbon Emissions and saving 100's of thousands of Dirhams a year for the larger buildings and thousands for the smaller residential buildings.

Start saving today and straight away, up to 30% with the easy to fit Air Conditioning Energy Saving Systems.

Customer comments

  1. By Paul Williams on

    This type of AC energy saving device must be popular in many homes and businesses across the UAE, the air conditioning electricity costs are just going up and up!