Air Filtration System in a Stainless Steel Enclosure


Source: ENMET, LLC

ENMET is always looking for innovative ways to help our customers solve their specific gas detection or compressed air monitoring requirements.  ENMET’s compressed airline monitoring and filtration systems are excellent solutions for meeting OSHA Grade D breathing air monitoring requirements for supplied compressed breathing air.

Our AFS-50 and AFS-100 are widely used in Aerospace applications and recently, an aircraft manufacturing facility expressed a need for our AFS-50 Air Filtration System to be provided in a weather resistant enclosure. Our engineering team designed a system that includes the AFS-50 in a stainless steel enclosure that protects it from exposure in a harsh working environment. At ENMET, we take the time to listen and respond to our valued client’s needs, collaborating with them and custom designing creative solutions to fit their unique requirements.  

Contact our ENMET Sales Team today and let us design a system that fits your needs.

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