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Air Monitors Ltd to reveal the future of air quality monitoring


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Just as the demand for better air quality in towns and cities grows, public sector budgets are diminishing, so the need for better, more effective, lower cost monitoring has never been greater. The Air Monitors’ exhibition stands (No’s 3 & 4) at AQE 2015, the air quality and emissions show, will therefore feature the latest technologies for: improving spatial and temporal monitoring; reducing capital and operational costs, and improving data access.

The Air Monitors stand will also feature two major new toxic gas detectors:the Thermo TVA2020 and the Honeywell SPM Flex Chemcassette® tape-based gas detector.

Air Monitors’ technology will feature prominently in the AQE Demonstration Arena under the theme:Monitoring on the Move, and registered visitors will also have free access tofour Air Monitors workshops at the Telford event (, which takes place 22-23rd April:

  1. AQMesh – Low Cost Ambient Air Monitor
  2. New Airborne Dust Monitoring Technologies
  3. Industrial VOC Monitoring
  4. The Internet of (Environmental) Things

AQMesh pods are completely wireless, using battery power and GPRS communications to transmit data for the five main air polluting gases to 'the cloud' where sophisticated data management generates air quality readings as well as monitoring hardware performance. The pods can be mounted anywhere and moved easily, helping to lower the cost of monitoring whilst offering a better opportunity to measure the air that people are breathing.

Further cloud based data collection technology will be on display utilising Envirologger to exploit ‘Internet of Things’ opportunities for environmental monitoring.

Offering customers a complete choice, Air Monitors supplies a family of particulate monitors including the Thermo Scientific TEOM, the TEOM FDMS and the Thermo BAM, in addition to the new FIDAS (Fine Dust Analysis System) which provides additional information on both particle size distribution from 0.18 – 30 microns, and on particle number in each size range. FIDAS also provides continuous real-time simultaneous mass concentration measurements of TSP, PM1, PM2.5 and PM10. This technology also offers cost reduction opportunities – visit the Air Monitors stand to find out more.

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